SmartCube Underbed Storage Bag 3 Large Under-the-Bed Storage Bins with Reinforced Handles Foldable Under-Bed Storage Bags and Containers by NestNeatly

SmartCube Underbed Storage Bag 3 Large Under-the-Bed Storage Bins with Reinforced Handles Foldable Under-Bed Storage Bags and Containers by NestNeatly


Declutter and Destress with Nest Neatly

After a long day of work, all you want to do is come home and relax. But instead of being greeted by your family, you walk into an unorganized pile of stuff. And with so much daily housework to do, it’s nearly impossible to relax. Create a clutter-free home, expand your storage space, and claim your peace of mind with the underbed storage bags organizer container set by Nest Neatly! When your home is less cluttered, your life is less stressful.

Storage Is in Style in Every Household

No matter where you reside, having everything in its right place creates calm and order in your home. Whether you live in a dorm, apartment, or large house, you can organize:

  • Coats and sweaters in the summer
  • Summer clothes in the winter
  • Clothes your kids have outgrown
  • Drapes
  • Table cloths
  • Maternity clothes
  • Decorative storage
  • and more!

    Don’t Just Store. Protect!

    When your storage container lives out of sight, such as under your bed or in your basement, it’s important to protect its contents. Your personal belongings stay clean because the storage-under-bed containers protect your treasured possessions from insects, dust, and more.

    Storage Shouldn’t Have a Smell

    Hate pulling your stuff out of boxes only for them to have that musty basement smell? That’s not a problem with Nest Neatly’s under-bed storage bags! They’re made from odorless and breathable material that helps keep fabric and clothing fresh through months of storage.

    There When You Need Them, Away When You Don’t

    Don’t let your empty under-the-bed storage containers take up space when you’re not using them! They arrive to you collapsed and neatly packaged in a resealable plastic bag, perfect for putting the bins away when you don’t need them.

    Live clutter-free with the SmartCube Underbed Storage Bag set by Nest Neatly! Add one to your cart TODAY!

CUT THE CLUTTER – A home brimming with clothes, linens, toys, and more leads to disorganization and discomfort. Take your home from cluttered to clean when you organize with the 3 large 39x18x6 in. underbed storage containers by Nest Neatly!
WHAT’S INSIDE? YOU’LL SEE – Never lose track of what you’re storing! You can see inside the under-bed organizers through their clear windows. Plus, they come with 10 adhesive tags that are perfect for labeling what’s inside.
QUALITY CLOTH CONTAINERS – Don’t settle for flimsy under-bed storage bins that rip all too easily. Store items with confidence in the under-bed storage containers that feature durable #5 metal zippers, reinforced “H” handles, and rip-resistant cloth.
STORE EVEN MORE – Hide away thick comforters or heavy winter clothes in your 3 Long Smart Cube bags of storage space! Spacious and durable, the 39.5x18x6 in. storage cubes are perfect for larger loads.
THE NEATEST WARRANTY – At Nest Neatly, we promise that our storage bins underbed set of 3 helps keep the clutter away for years to come. You’re sure to have many years of organization—the containers come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty!

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