Skeleton Bone Dog Tail Wagging Pug Iron on Patch

Skeleton Bone Dog Tail Wagging Pug Iron on Patch


lAll patches are made by me. Some of the proceeds go to wildlife conservation programs. Iron-On 100% Embroidered Patch Spider Stitches Embroidery Item Guidelines: Add a patch to give any item a personal touch. Mend old clothing and make worn out clothes fun again with a patch. This patch is made from 100% colorfast polyester thread, and will withstand hundreds of washings. It will not shrink or fade. The adhesive backing is the strongest commercial polyamide hot melt adhesive available on the market. All of our patches are hot knifed to seal the edges. Each order comes packaged with detailed application instructions.
Unique Completely Embordered Patch Best Quality Full Detailed Embroidery
measures 4 inches wide 3 1/2 inches tall
Patch depicts a Cute Pug Dog Skeleton
Iron-On or Sew to many types of fabric. Perfect for Jeans, Jackets, Vests, Hats, Backpacks, Scrapbooking
Homemade by seller in Texas supports small business

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