Pet Factory CareChewz Collagen 6-7″ Dog Chews,Available in Multiple Styles & Flavors

Pet Factory CareChewz Collagen 6-7" Dog Chews,Available in Multiple Styles & Flavors


ALTERNATIVE: Beef collagen is a great alternative to traditional rawhide, and boasts many health and physiological benefits; it helps reduce digestive inflammation, strengthens joints for improved mobility, and promotes a healthy coat and strong bones
PRODUCT DETAILS: Wraps, Chicken Marinade; 6-7″, 12 Count – For medium dog breeds, but we highly recommend choosing a dog treat longer than the length of your dog’s muzzle
RECOMMENDATIONS: Meant for intermittent usage, always supervise consumption and discard any small pieces; please note that flavored coatings are water-soluble, but may stain indoor materials
FOOD SAFETY: Pet Factory dog chews are made in our Global Food Safety Initiative-certified manufacturing facility, which gives customers peace of mind in knowing that our products are produced under optimum safety and quality conditions

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