Pet Factory American Beefhide 7" Rolls Dog Chew Treats – Natural Flavor, 4 Count/1 Pack

Pet Factory American Beefhide 7" Rolls Dog Chew Treats - Natural Flavor, 4 Count/1 Pack


Pet Factory’s natural handmade American Beefhide rolls are long lasting chews that will keep your dog entertained while keeping his teeth and gums healthy. These dog treats are manufactured following strict Global Food Safety Initiative standards. Disclaimer: Meant for intermittent usage. Select a chew large enough for your dog and supervise consumption. Discard any small pieces.
GREAT FOR CHEWERS: American beefhide is thick and long-lasting to better satisfy your dog’s natural desire to chew; they provide a safe, alternative chewing outlet for dogs with aberrant chewing behavior, and are easily digestible
PROMOTES DENTAL HEALTH: Chewing on rawhide helps improve teeth and gum health by scraping plaque off your dog’s teeth and preventing tartar build-up
PRODUCT DETAILS: Rolls, Natural Flavor; 7″, 4 Count – For medium dog breeds, but we highly recommend choosing a dog treat longer than the length of your dog’s muzzle
RECOMMENDATIONS: Meant for intermittent usage; always supervise consumption and discard any small pieces
FOOD SAFETY: Pet Factory beefhide chews are made in our Global Food Safety Initiative-certified manufacturing facility, which gives customers peace of mind in knowing that our products are produced under optimum safety and quality conditions
ABOUT US: Pet Factory has been the nation’s premiere manufacturer of USA-sourced beefhide bones and chews; our beefhide products come in a variety of shapes and sizes for every dog, including knotted bones, rolls, and chips in various flavors

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