Dog Cone Soft Dog Collar Cone for Small Medium Large Dog Safety Dog Head Cone for Dog After Surgery Anti-Bite Lick Scratch Wound

Dog Cone Soft Dog Collar Cone for Small Medium Large Dog Safety Dog Head Cone for Dog After Surgery Anti-Bite Lick Scratch Wound


How to choose the correct size for your dog: 1. measure the neck: measure around the broadest part of the neck. 2. measure the depth: measure from the neck to the snout. It is worth noting that: 1.Depth measurement is most critical, as the soft dog cone needs to extend beyond the nose to provide effective protection from external influences. 2.If your measurements are on the fringes of size, choose a larger size to accommodate your dog’s fur. Design Features: 1. Velcro design: Large pieces of Velcro will not hook the animal’s hair, and compared with the strip Velcro on the market, it can effectively prevent the sharp edge of the strip Velcro from causing secondary damage to pets. 2. Waterproof design: choose a tighter oxford cloth, which is waterproof and dirt-resistant and easy to clean. 3. Provide a free collar: The dog cone is matched with the collar to effectively prevent the dog cone from moving and causing inconvenience in the daily life of the dog. 4. Double-sided color: We have chosen both light and dark sides, the light side can help your dog have enough light and sufficient vision during the day, and the dark side can help your dog absorb light when resting , so that your dog’s sleep is not affected.
【Designed For Daily Life】—Our large dog cone is made of sponge pad and oxford cloth. Soft and lightweight, no stress to wear. The sponge pad inside can effectively prevent collapse. Double-sided color design of dog recovery cone, light color during the day broadens the vision, and black at night helps sleep. The soft fabric does not interfere with daily activities and rest at all.
【Waterproof And Clean】—The densified oxford cloth on the surface can block water molecules from entering the interior and play a waterproof role. It is worth noting that if cone for dog are soaked in water for a long time, they will still be soaked. In order to maintain long-term use, please hand wash in warm water when cleaning, do not use the dryer to dry.
【More Fit And Easy Use】—Unlike strip Velcro on the market, our large-area block Velcro can be avoided scratches the skin of cats and dogs to avoid secondary damage, while providing a large adjustment range, which is best fit for your cats and dogs. In addition, dog cone (e-collar for dog alternative) have five sizes to choose from, fit for kittens to large dogs.
【Tips and After Sales】—If your cats and dogs are wearing dog soft cone collar for the first time, please give them some time to get used to it. For the perfect fit for your dog, please read our size chart carefully before purchasing. If you have any questions about pet cone, please contact us in time, we will give you a detailed answer within 24 hours.

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