Dog Clicker for Training with Wrist Strap Pack of 4 Pcs New Upgraded Pet Training Clicker Kit for Puppy Cats Birds Horses


Train your dog with an easy-to-use Bousnic dog training clicker and give them a consistent routine to learn, grow and follow your lead.

If you are a dog owner, you want them to follow your commands to keep them safe, have fun, or even complete important tasks. That is why we created the Bousnic Dog Training Clicker, an all-purpose training tool that helps improve your pet’s learning potential and basic obedience.

This training clicker allows you to teach them tricks, improve crate training, learn how to handshake, stand up, sit, roll over, search, track and so much more. Better yet, it can help correct bad behaviors like barking, biting, chasing, begging, jumping on furniture and wandering off.

Clicker Training Basics:

  • Use clicker training to reinforce positive behaviors and communicate with your dog during any training exercise.
  • The audible signal produced by the clicker replaces verbal praise so dogs can learn to react with appropriate behavior. Cues influence behaviors allowing for faster, stress-free training.
  • When your dog responds appropriately to any command, immediately sound the clicker and follow with a treat or reward. Repeat the exercise until your dog learns the command. You may gradually phase out treats add new challenges.

Additional Tips: Always train in an area without distractions while remaining consistent with routines and rewards. Reward positive behavior.

Product Details:

  • Training Clicker with Wrist Strap
  • Water-drop Shape
  • Lightweight, Compact Size
  • ABS and Stainless Steel
  • Easy to Use

Package Includes:

  • 4 Dog Clickers (White, Blue, Red and Black)
  • User Card

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Effective Pet Training – Dog clicker help train dog basic obedience and tricks, while correcting bad behavior. Teach things like sit, fetch, shake, lie down, and roll over.
Clear, Audible Design – Simple push-button trainer with distinct “click” sound, get your dog’s attention and keep them focused with easy-to-follow repetition.
Handheld, Compact Size – This ergonomic pet training clicker is lightweight and fits in your hand. The elastic wrist strap lets you hang it on pants, bags or leashes.
Versatile Training Tool – Great for training police, guide, disabled, sniffer or hunting dogs, these can also be used for other pets like cats, birds, horses and more.
Lifetime Warranty – Bousnic dog training clicker is backed by a 100% money back guarantee and can be replaced for free due to any quality issues. Contact us for any help

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