Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers,11 Pack Dog Rope Toys Sets,Tug of War Dog Toy Toothbrush Chew Toys,IQ Ball and Squeaky Rubber Bone Puppy and Small Dog (11 Pack)

Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers,11 Pack Dog Rope Toys Sets,Tug of War Dog Toy Toothbrush Chew Toys,IQ Ball and Squeaky Rubber Bone Puppy and Small Dog (11 Pack)


Perfect combination of dog rope toy and chew toy

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The 11 sets of materials are all made of natural rubber and 100% cotton. They are non-toxic and tasteless. From puppies to large dogs, they can chew when they are teething or bored. You can also play ball games, tug-of-war games, and IQ games with your dog. It is a good partner for your puppy to grow up happily.

Cute storage bag, you can put all the toys in it, and take out the toys and snacks. Our dog toy bags would be a good choice because they encourage the dog to chew and play with you instead of destroying the sofa, shoes, furniture, and are a good start and a fun gift for a puppy.

Safe and sturdy dog chew toys: When playing, always supervise the dog with toys. Although some of our dog toys are more durable than others, they are not indestructible. If the toy is damaged and the puppy likes their toy, please replace it with a new one.

Product combination:

5 * dog rope interactive toys

1 * rope ball

1 * squeak rubber bone

1 * rubber bone

1 * squeak ball

1 * flying circle

1 * IQ dog therapy ball

🐕Value Dog Toy Set: 11 kinds of pet toys for dogs, including 5 cotton drawstring dog toys, squeaky rubber bones and balls with cotton balls, IQ processing balls, rubber puppy bones and , at a reasonable price You can buy a large number of cute dog toys. These products can meet the various needs of dogs in daily life, such as teething, cleaning teeth, training and interactive intellectual games. These products are all natural cotton and natural rubber non-toxic. So good value for money.
🐕Puppy Teething are fun and good toys: dogs have a strong desire to chew everything in the house during their teething. By chewing on soft pointed rubber bones and squeaky rubber toys, the puppy can get a massage and relieve stress when teething. These puppy teething toys can not only clean the incisors like other toys on the market, but also help clean the plaque hidden in the dead ends, remove it and prevent tooth decay. And won’t bite your shoes
🐕Dog Training toys: chasing vocal balls and flying circle is the nature of dogs. When playing flying circle games, dogs will run more and exercise more. The IQ Snack Ball is a great dog toy. When the dog learns to throw and roll to take out the snacks, it can improve the dog’s IQ. He will not be anxious, and when dogs have a healthy balance of physical and mental stimulation, they will be happy and fun.
🐕Interactive Cotton rope toys for dogs: Dog rope toys can be chewed and interact to enhance the feelings of the dog. Our rope toys with double handle loop design are suitable for indoor and outdoor activities for dogs. It is convenient to interact with the dog, such as tug-of-war, throwing and fetching. Ball game. In addition, when you are busy, the dog can play with these multi-colored dog leash chew toys to relieve boredom and not feel lonely.
🐕Worry-Free warranty-our products are natural, non-toxic, strong and durable materials, which have a longer service life than competitors. They are the best partner for dog growth. Happy growth, because dogs are born destroyers. They like their toys and will chew It, if you find that what you received does not match the picture part, please contact our customer service first. We will deal with it before you are satisfied.

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