Buddy Belts Harness Pebble Grain Red – Premium Edition (3.5)

Buddy Belts Harness Pebble Grain Red - Premium Edition (3.5)


Buddy Belt harness enhances proper function and health. Safety: Unlike most harnesses Buddy Belts are made with a low-cut design that stays off the neck and keeps your dog from choking. Buddy Belts are made with durable materials and solid metal hardware, so you never have to worry about daily wear and tear! Comfort: Walk after walk, your soft leather Buddy Belt will form into a shape that is unique and specials as your perfect pup! Buddy Belt harness fit around the front legs and easily fasten over the back with one buckle. No matter how rowdy your pet can be, simply step in, buckle up, and go! The floating o-ring moves with the leash, while the harness stays firmly in place. Style: Buddy Belts are available in soooo many different colors, patterns and prints. The tailored fit looks great on pets of every size and shape. shop for current colors plus rare and limited editions! Buddy Belt low cut design hugs your dog’s chest, keeping your pet safe, comfortable and stylish.
Buddy Belt enhances proper function, health and safety. Each BUDDY BELT is handcrafted in Toronto Canada with attention paid to every detail. The quality of the product is the result of continued efforts to make it the best. Class Art Productions Inc. makers of BUDDY BELT strives for 100% customer satisfaction. It’s unique patented design reduces stress on your pet’s neck is easy to use and is made with 100% leather and quality hardware.
Please also refer to Sizing & Fitting Steps Images. Size 1: Chest Girth: IN 8-10 or CM 20-25 and Weight up to 2 LBS Size 2: Chest Girth: IN 10-12 or CM 25-30 and Weight 2-4 LBS; Size 2.5 Girth: IN 11-13 or CM 27-32 and Weight 3-5 LBS
Size 3: Chest Girth: IN 12-14 or CM 30-35 and Weight 4 to 8 LBS; Size 3.5 Girth: IN 13-15 or CM 33-38 and Weight 7-9 LBS; Size 4: Chest Girth: IN 14-16 or CM 35-40 Weight 8- 12 LBS
Size 5: Chest Girth: IN 16-18 or CM 40-45 and Weight 12 to 18 LBS Size 6: Chest Girth: IN 18-22 or CM 45-56 and Weight 18 to 25 LBS Size 7: Chest Girth: IN 22-26 or CM 56-66 and Weight 25 to 45 LBS
Size 8: Chest Girth: IN 26-30 or CM 66-75 and Weight 45- 60 LBS; Size 9: Chest Girth: IN 30-36 or CM 75-92 and Weight 60-85 LBS; Size 10: Chest Girth: IN 36-42 or CM 89-107 and Weight 85-100 LBS

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