Birdwell Enterprises – Plastic Dog Muzzle with Adjustable Plastic Coated Nylon Headstall – Made in The USA – (Large, Red)

Birdwell Enterprises - Plastic Dog Muzzle with Adjustable Plastic Coated Nylon Headstall - Made in The USA - (Large, Red)


Birdwell Enterprises’ dog muzzles are designed to be comfortable and durable for extended and demanding use over the years. We offer various colors to choose from so you can have a dog muzzle that fits your style. Our dog muzzles are designed to prevent biting and nipping while allowing your dog to eat, drink and breathe without restriction. We use a heavy-duty plastic-coated nylon strap that is machine riveted for extra strength and durability over the years. Our basket muzzle for dogs can be placed in hot water and molded for a perfect fit on your dog. Run cold water over the dog muzzle afterward to hold the shape. The entire dog muzzle is waterproof and can even be placed in the dishwasher for convenient cleaning and disinfecting after use with your dog. Each dog muzzle is designed and built with a smooth surface inside to prevent chafing and includes a stainless steel buckle for even greater reliability, weighing 3.85 ounces. Each dog muzzle has a smooth self-adjusting nosepiece that spreads the contact area on your dog’s nose to prevent rubbing and chafing, adding enhanced comfort for your dog while the dog muzzle is in use. You can add foam weather stripping or moleskin to the nosepiece if your dog requires it. After the buckle is adjusted, the dog muzzle can be easily slipped over the dog’s ears, so you don’t have to adjust the buckle with each use. There is no uncomfortable strap between the eyes to cause the dog to fight wearing the dog muzzle. Soft silicone dog muzzles allow a dog to press against an object and bite or chew through the muzzle. Our dog muzzle does not allow that to happen. We also offer a stool guard (sold separately) that can be used instead of a cone after surgeries to prevent licking. Please note that our dog muzzle will fit most breeds but not all. Our dog muzzle ONLY fits dogs with a head like the German Shepherd, Doberman, Labrador, and Greyhound. Our dog muzzles will not fit pug, pitbull, chihuahua, or bulldog dog breeds.
Each dog muzzle has a heavy-duty plastic-coated nylon strap that will not break under hard use. The buckle is made of stainless steel. The basket dog muzzle can be heated and molded to get the best fit for your dog.
Durable & comfortable dog muzzle for biting and nipping while providing plenty of room to drink and allowing full pants. Great dog muzzle to use when grooming or at the park playing. Our dog muzzle was designed for safety.
Basket muzzle for dogs that allows your dog to eat and drink freely while covering the entire snout for added protection. Self-adjusting moveable nosepiece for extra comfort.
Birdwell dog muzzles have been handmade in the USA from start to finish by the same family-owned company since 1995.

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