Yes4All Rubber Grip Encased Hex Dumbbell With Anti-Slip Handle 5-50LBS

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Yes4All Rubber Grip Encased Hex Dumbbell With Anti-Slip Handle 5-50LBS



Yes4All rubber-grip dumbbells are designed for versatility as well as durability thanks to the fully coated rubber head and handle. Our dumbbells are available in weights ranging from 5lbs to 50lbs. This standard rubber hex design is a great, budget-priced option that still delivers on quality, performance, and longevity. The heavy-duty, rubber-encased heads minimize noise and limit wear and tear (to both the bells and your flooring), while the chrome-plated handle is ergonomically designed for a firm but comfortable feel in any grip style.

Cast-iron hex dumbbells covered with hard PREMIUM MATERIAL that enables a more comfortable and stronger grip. A knurled, rubberized handle minimizes discomfort and provides a secure, non-slip grip compared to our Rubber-grip Dumbbells.

The rubber head also protects the dumbbell and gym floor from damage that can be caused by heavy use in high traffic/commercial gym settings. Rubber Grip Dumbbells are a sought-after basic of every gym, used both by novices and experienced athletes.

Available in 10lbs to 50lbs & Sold individually.


• Made from premium low odour rubber our rubber grip hex dumbbells are perfect for home and gym use.
• The rubber compound used in our rubber grip dumbbells is similar to the ones used in competition bumper plates.
• Rubber grip handle prevents rust , flaking and chipping over time, whilst the knurled handle provides similar grip as a chrome handle.
• Cold winter workouts won’t be a problem with the rubber handle not requiring a warmup compared to chrome handle hex dumbbells.
• Rubber dumbbells will arrive in a lubricant coating. Please wipe them before use to prevent floor marking.
• Hex weights encased in durable rubber to help reduce noise levels whilst protecting the floors and other equipment.
• Hexagonal design prevents them from rolling away when left on a flat surface.
• Chrome finished steel handles with knurled pattern for a comfortable grip.
• Weight Tolerance: +/- 3%
• The surface may be greasy when new due to manufacturing process.
• Durable and tough for home and gym use.

Dumbbell training has stood the test of time for good reason. Along with the versatility in weight choices for multiple athletes, a good set of bells can be used to duplicate nearly all types of barbell exercises, while also offering a wider range of single-arm, rehab-specific, and explosive movements in virtually any sized space—something not possible with bars or most weight room machines.
SOLID CAST IRON CORE FOR RELIABLE STRUCTURE: the cast iron hex dumbbell provides excellent assistance for strength training and core development; it will not bend or break after repeated use during long period of time
HEXAGON DESIGN, RUBBER HANDLE: hexagon-shaped heads ensure easy use during sessions; they help prevent rolling and therefore offer convenient storage; besides, the contoured textured handle has ergonomic design for a firm but comfortable feel
VARIOUS CHOICES FOR YOUR LEVEL: choose the right level from our wide range of hex rubber dumbbell, including 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50lbs, which is sold in individual
BUILD AND ACTIVATE MUSCLES: exercising with dumbbell is ideal for full body workout or targeting specific muscle groups; countless benefits including burning calories, strengthening bones, muscles, tissue, promoting coordination and flexibility

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