Weazel Ball Motorized Ball Pet Toy

Weazel Ball Motorized Ball Pet Toy


Watch as the Weazel tries to catch the rolling ball! Hours of fun for the kids and pets! Weazel Ball is best used on low carpet or on hardwood floor for ease of movement and prolong batter consumption. Activating the toy: Unscrew the ball by twisting the top half counter-clockwise. Open the batter compartment and install 1 “AA” size 1.5V battery (not included). Make sure to put the negative (-) in first. Slide the battery cover back to hold the battery in position. This battery cover also serves as the ON/OFF switch. The motor will begin to turn when the battery cover is closed. Tightly screw the ball halves together. Set the ball on the floor and let the playful weasel run wild! When you are finished playing with the Weazel Ball, unscrew the ball halves and slide the battery cover to turn the power off.
One AA Alkaline 1.5V battery required (not included; Best with Polaroid Batteries)
Watch your cat or dog go wild and chase the Original Weazel Ball
Motorized plastic ball rolls around when turned on and Weazel frantically chases the ball
Best used on low carpet or hardwood floor for best result and battery consumption
Measures: Motorized Ball 4″

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