Pet Factory American Beefhide 6-7″ Knotted Bones Dog Chew Treats – Natural Flavor, 6 Count/1 Pack

Pet Factory American Beefhide 6-7" Knotted Bones Dog Chew Treats - Natural Flavor, 6 Count/1 Pack


GREAT FOR CHEWERS: American beefhide is thick and long-lasting to better satisfy your dog’s natural desire to chew; they provide a safe, alternative chewing outlet for dogs with aberrant chewing behavior, and are easily digestible
PROMOTES DENTAL HEALTH: Chewing on rawhide helps improve teeth and gum health by scraping plaque off your dog’s teeth and preventing tartar build-up
PRODUCT DETAILS: Bones, Natural Flavor; 6-7″, 6 Count – For medium dog breeds, but we highly recommend choosing a dog treat longer than the length of your dog’s muzzle
RECOMMENDATIONS: Meant for intermittent usage; always supervise consumption and discard any small pieces
FOOD SAFETY: Pet Factory beefhide chews are made in our Global Food Safety Initiative-certified manufacturing facility, which gives customers peace of mind in knowing that our products are produced under optimum safety and quality conditions
ABOUT US: Pet Factory has been the nation’s premiere manufacturer of USA-sourced beefhide bones and chews; our beefhide products come in a variety of shapes and sizes for every dog, including knotted bones, rolls, and chips in various flavors

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