MerryMakers Biscuit Plush Doll, 10-Inch , Yellow

MerryMakers Biscuit Plush Doll, 10-Inch , Yellow


Biscuit is a classic! The always-popular puppy is now available in a new sweet form This substantial Yellow Labrador plush Toy is the perfect companion for all of life’s events ready to jump and play or sit in your little one’s lap while you read along with one of biscuit’s stories Super soft and snuggly! Follow in biscuit’s paw prints and explore read learn and laugh Woof ! the Biscuit books (sold separately) have helped a Generation of children learn to read Biscuit is a loyal friend he’s curious silly sometimes mischievous but always lovable Written by Alyssa satin Capucilli and illustrated by pat stories the series has over 50 titles in print and 21 million books have sold in 20 years The MerryMakers doll is 10″ tall and feels even bigger Safe for all ages perfect for ages 2-8 Surface wash only MerryMakers is a small company that cares about big things Our high-quality child-safe dolls and toys are based on the best children book characters Promoting imaginative play and literacy is job #1!
Substantial soft high-quality huggable Biscuit!
Based on the bestselling books by Alyssa satin Capucilli illustrated by pat schories
Safe for all ages perfect for ages 2-8
Measures 10″ Tall

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