MELDIKISO 12″ x 328Ft / 24″ x 328Ft A UV DTF Printing Film 24″ x 328Ft B UV DTF Transfer Film Crystal Label Film A/B (12″ x 328Ft A UV DTF Printing Film, inches)

MELDIKISO 12" x 328Ft / 24" x 328Ft A UV DTF Printing Film 24" x 328Ft B UV DTF Transfer Film Crystal Label Film A/B (12" x 328Ft A UV DTF Printing Film, inches)


Easy, fast, low cost and no minimum quantity request make it as one of the new trend of printing technology.
The new crystal label AB films printing solution has features of no waste discharge, no glue, high polymer glue, high fastness, not easy to fall off, environmental protection, bright colors, good 3D texture, waterproof and wear-resistant, simple and convenient operation.

Usages of UV DTF Printing:
UV DTF only needs a UV Flatbed Printer and a laminating machine.
Consumables: Ink, film A and B.
V. Fix the film A onto the UV printer, tear off the protective paper of picture printing film A;
VI. Print the designed pattern on the film A (Picture printing film).
VII. Use a laminating machine (or a squeegee scraper tool), paste the film B onto the film A.
VIII. Tear off the A film and stick it directly onto your product, remove the B film, and the pattern can be easily transferred to the product.
Advantages of UV DTF: UV DTF can save time and cost, don’t need batch typeset printing, produce at any time, saving time; Save labor & materials, reduce manufacturing cost; No need for batch typesetting and printing, production at any time, saving production time; Waterproof, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance; The fastness is many times higher than that of Screen Printing, no glue and no waste discharge.
Applications: Hard materials such as glass, leather, mobile phone case, metal, marble, acrylic, etc. Except fabrics, almost all materials can be pasted. The most prominent application: It can be applied to curved surfaces and surfaces with a large drop. It fully solves the limitation of UV direct spray on curved surfaces and large drop surfaces.
Tips: Printing Process: White ink, color inks, varnish. You can print varnish before printing white to get a better result. Please use the hard UV ink or mild hard UV ink; Please laminate the film after printed to avoid exposure the adhensive in air. And cut the printed film at least 30 mins after laminating.
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