Large Alaskan Moose Antler Point Chew for Medium/Large Dogs

Large Alaskan Moose Antler Point Chew for Medium/Large Dogs


These all natural moose chews are 100% organic. They were hand-harvested in Alaska and are very fresh- not chalky and dry. These chews are extra tough and large; ideal for medium and large breads. Your dog will find this chew absolutely irresistible because of its fresh taste, natural texture, and toughness. Chews are hand-cut and may very in shape from the product picture due to the natural make-up of each chew.
100% ORGANIC, WILD HARVESTED This all natural extra large moose antler chew is perfect for big dogs. Each chew measures 7 inches, and will last hours even with the toughest chewers.
EXTRA TOUGH Moose antler is the densest antler in the world and because of this it’s a great way to keep even the most aggressive chewers gnawing away for hours on end.
NO MESS Moose antler chews will not splinter into small peices like other tough dog bones. There is no grease or natural oil associated with them either. They are super clean to chew and a ton of fun for your dog.
FRESH Each moose antler chew is very fresh, not dry and chalky. This allows them to last longer, taste better, and be more naturally appealing for your pup.
SAFE CHEW TOY Whether you want to deter your dog from chewing on other things or simply keep them entertained for hours on end, these moose chews are sure to do the trick. These chews are weather-hardy and can be fed to both outdoor and indoor dogs.

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