ANOSOSPECIAL Grey Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat X-Large,Non-Stick Fur,Pet-Friendly and Waterproof – Universal Fit Interior Protector for Auto, Van, SUV – Ideal for Kids and Pets (X-Large)

ANOSOSPECIAL Grey Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat X-Large,Non-Stick Fur,Pet-Friendly and Waterproof - Universal Fit Interior Protector for Auto, Van, SUV - Ideal for Kids and Pets (X-Large)


Before placing your order, please ensure to measure your seat dimensions. Our Universal Fit Back Seat Cover is 45cm (17.5″) wide and 150cm (59″) long, making it suitable for most Big-sized SUVs, trucks, and sedans.

Say goodbye to cheap dog seat covers that ruin your seats after just one use. And forget about overly expensive options that hurt your pocket. Our practical and affordable dog car seat cover is designed to meet your needs.

We are dedicated to conducting thorough research on dog car seat covers, ensuring that you and your furry friends can enjoy a superior travel experience.

Introducing our reliable dog seat cover for cars’ back seat, which offers exceptional value:

1.Good Value Material: Crafted with water-resistant fabric and waterproof PP with cotton, our seat cover features a 4-layer design. It even has a shinning fabric that adds a touch of style under sunlight.

2.Heavy-duty: Made with durable Oxford fabric, this cover can withstand the presence of larger dogs and ensures long-lasting use.

3.Safety: The non-slip net room backing and safety belt open zippers provide added safety measures. It even features an easy-to-use safety slot UPGRADED for kids.

4.Grey Color Adaptability: The grey color of our seat cover is versatile and complements the interior of most cars.

It Will Fit:

1.Size: Our seat cover is big enough to fit most Big-sized car back seats, providing extensive coverage and protection.

2.Easy Installation and Storage: Installing our seat cover is a breeze, and it comes with long straps that can be securely attached to the headrest. It can also be easily stored when not in use.

3.Easy to Clean Non-Stick Fur: Cleaning is hassle-free with our non-stick fur design. Simply use a vacuum or wipe it off for a quick clean.

Invest in our dog car seat cover with confidence, as it is designed to meet your needs while ensuring the comfort and safety of your beloved pet during travels.

🐶【2. Comprehensive Protection】: Safeguard your car against sand, dirt, fur, hair, footprints, wet sweat, and even the occasional spills from kids. This pet back seat cover not only preserves your vehicle’s cleanliness but also protects your cherished belongings.
🐶【3. Waterproof and Scratch-Resistant】: Bid farewell to concerns about fur, saliva, vomit, or any other discomforting messes. Our sturdy four-layered Oxford material is both scratch-proof and waterproof, ensuring long-lasting durability. Just remember to promptly wipe away any accumulated water with a dry towel.
🐶【4. Versatile and Practical】: This bench back seat cover serves multiple functions, acting as a protector for kids and pets alike. Whether it’s safeguarding your sofa or preventing doggy-induced chaos in your car, it offers a reliable and convenient solution.
🐶【5. Easy Installation, Storage, and Universal Fit】: Install this dog car seat cover within minutes, thanks to its user-friendly design. The long straps easily wrap around the seat and reach the headrest, providing a secure fit. It adapts to most rear seats, accommodating not only small and medium-sized dogs but also large breeds. Perfect for travel and fits well in various vehicles. Note: Each product includes a seat belt. In case of any missing accessories, please contact us promptly.

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